Advanced Fantasy Dungeons: Index of Posts

Advanced Fantasy Dungeons is a project where I design a paraclone of the second edition of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. A paraclone attempts to realise the designers intent, free of simulationalism, tradition and legacy. This is a place to index what I’ve written so far and plan what I’ve yet to write. I’ll continue to update it regularly.


Player Characters (Theme: Unique personalities and capabilities)

Exploration (Theme: Risk and reward)

Combat (Theme: Chaos not tactics)

Social (Theme: Words are mightier than swords)

Intrigue (Theme: Substantial investments, invisible threats)

Campaigns (Theme: Living world, superficial preparation)

Once this series is finished, I’ll build out an alpha rulebook for feedback and for myself to test, and if sentiment is positive, maybe forward from there!

Idle Cartulary

7th April 2022


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