Rules Sketch: Class followers

If you’re walking in on the middle of the Advanced Fantasy Dungeons series, there’s an index here.

I’m not sure exactly how to present the fighter’s Elite Followers. I wonder if, it’s presented as, fighters just get a lieutenant and an army. They don’t have to ask for it. They come. Their followers are, then, two free standing battalions on top of the 9th or above level option most classes have to attract followers.

After 9th level, some classes have the option to attract followers of a special nature if they have a stronghold in which to house them. All classes can hire followers if they wish, regardless of whether they attract them after 9th level.

Fighters attract a general (5th level fighter), two standing battalions, and a bodyguard of:

3-12 1st to 2nd level fighters

2-5 1st to 2nd level wardens (rangers)

2-6 1st to 2nd level archers (fighters with sharpshooter mastery)

2-6 1st to 2nd level berserkers (fighters with berserk mastery)

2-6 1st to 2nd level mounted knights (fighters with warhorses and lance mastery)

1-3 2nd to 3rd level flying knights (fighters with eagles or hippogriffs and crossbow mastery)

Rangers attract an animal follower: Black bear, brown bear, dog, wolf, falcon, raven, tiger, lion, awakened 1-6, hippogriff, pixie, treant, brownie, werebear, weretiger.

Thieves attract 1-4 thieves of 1st to 3rd level, to start a crew.

Wizards attract 1-3 1st to 2nd level apprentices.

Priests attract 1-3 1st to 2nd level acolytes, as well as the 0-level members of their institution.

I’ll revise the class rules to include this. I need to revise to weapon mastery to include some of these style masteries, make sure generals are included in downtime a as bd war. Revise war to have these special standing battalions.

This has been a part of the Advanced Fantasy Dungeon Series! I keep finding new things to add and revise – I thought i’d be done by now! Let me know your thoughts on followers!

Idle Cartulary

13th June 2022


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