New Years Purge

Dan inspired me to empty out the drafts folder of Playful Void so I can start fresh in the new year. Here goes: All the things I worked on this year and never finished!

  • Comparing contemporaneous versions of D&D
  • Solving the problem of disruptive skill systems in high level and domain play
  • Planning a procedure for a collaborative Gygax ‘75
  • Finishing my ambitious Curse of Strahd by-memory demi-plane (I wrote five or so posts though, if you want a taste)
  • Designing a danger flower to replace the hazard dice
  • Randomising monster types and traits for interesting encounters
  • A Fallout B/X hack
  • Gaoltown again
  • NPC microadvice inspired by The Laws of Fantasy Economics
  • Making alignment languages make sense from a worldbuilding perspective using parasites
  • Independently evolving domains
  • The City of Snowick Bush
  • Animal Crossing in Into the Odd

If you’re interested in my finishing any of these, or if you’re interested in any of these you can be inspired yourself!

There are a few I’d like to finish, though. I’m not sure I will, though, but it’s more likely I’ll be able to attend to them after the purge.

  • Intentional Reviews for Mausritter, Spire and Trophy Gold
  • A more intuitive version of Welsh-Piper involving a drop method
  • Part 3 of my Western series
  • Using public evolving maps as replacements for rumour tables

Bit now I’ll delete all of the purged posts from my drafts folder and start fresh this year!

Idle Cartulary,

19th January 2023


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