Curse of Who Now? Update

So, amongst some speedbumps and #dungeon23, my Curse of Who Now project fell by the wayside. Myself, Alex, Marcia, Zedeck, Leno and Mat played Trophy Gold the other day, and the incursion structure reminded me of the project, so I re-read it. It’s pretty good!

But it’s not a Trophy Gold incursion, because Trophy Gold has a very limited view on what a module is. My interest rekindled, though, I’ve gone through in the last few days and done memory summaries of the entire book, which leaves only writing those sections anew and drawing maps for dungeons. Gosh the original keys everything as a dungeon it’s the worst! I’ve written an additional 3000 words in this process; I suspect it will grow as the new sections are just my memories of the module and not anything I could run. There are two actual dungeons, one a magical nuclear storage facility and one the prison of a tortured dragon once used to grant knights superpowers. The rest are really just locations, including the main castle, which remains a party, although now will likely be a heist location for added reason to be there.

Interesting proceedings: Simplifying tarot draws to two simple draws; splitting the map into three “modules” with their own flux spaces around them; leaving a road-based point crawl there if you choose. Randomised tarot loot and relics that may be corrupt or may assist you in defeating the BBEG. Clearer themes of corrupting environments and generational trauma.

It’s fun, and I’m glad I restarted the project. Bringing more gothic horror into my life.

16th March 2023,

Idle Cartulary


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